Leadership & Organisational Development

Positive Development’s leadership and management development programs help managers develop themselves, develop others, improve work processes, lead organizational change, and improve team effectiveness and processes.
We use our long and deep experience in organizational change and interpersonal communication to help organizations develop a coherent leadership style that ensures adaptation to the changing environment.

Leader as a coach

It is designed for organisations who want to equip their line managers with the skills needed to demonstrate a more facilitative style and to get the best out of their people through a balanced use of active support and constructive challenge.

Interpersonal Communication

We offer leaders and managers the opportunity to understand the underlying mechanisms of interpersonal communication and discover their strengths and weakness, as well as the content of the beliefs and value systems

Managing cross-cultural and virtual teams

There is an increasing pressure on organizations to work with highly cross-cultural and virtual team where the traditional management techniques do not provide always the expected outputs. We offer leaders and managers alternatives paths for engaging their team members and improve performance

Team Cooperation

It is designed for teams willing to understand the development of a group culture and the implications of the competition-cooperation dynamics in their performance

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is the development of a confidential space for reflection where leaders have the opportunity to explore honestly and fully their worldview and evaluate their personal and professional choices and decisions and the impact in their team members, peers and the organisation. This exploration happens with the support of a professional: the coach

Positive Development’s coaching programs help middle managers and senior leaders:

  • Find practical solutions to leadership challenges, in particular for virtual and multicultural environments
  • Identified conflicts, resources and the small actions to achieve big impact
  • Build on the leader’s capacity to develop teams and relationships with stakeholders
  • Improve confidence and clarify goals

Training For Positive Development

Knowledge into Training. We work with our clients in transforming their technical knowledge into high-impact training adapted to the targeted audience based on state-of-the-art adult learning theory and practice.

Public Speaking into Facilitation. We ensure that the technical experts and managers of organizations that have to deliver trainings add facilitation skills for specific workshops and programmes.

Training Delivery. Our trainers and facilitators lead 1-2 day workshops at the client location, week-long off-site programs, or several-month extended programs linked by intersession activities, such as individual coaching or mentoring projects.

Virtual Training. We design dynamic e-learning programmes that facilitate the access to key knowledge for all stakeholders of the organisation in a highly cost-effective way